Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Teen Accused of Sticking Up Facebook Sneaker Seller

In our latest edition lowlighting the foolish things people take to get sneakers, we bring you the case of Javaris Platts. The 19-year old Jacksonville, Florida teen was accused of robbing a Facebook sneaker seller at gunpoint of a pair of Air Jordans.

According to Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and reported by WJXT-TV, the robbery victim posted an ad on a Facebook page where sneakers are bought and sold. The seller and Platts agreed to meet to conduct the sale at Billy Cobb Senior Park. The police report stated when they met at the park on December 10 of this past year, that is when Platts robbed the seller at gunpoint. 

However, Platts’ mother, Bridgette Washington, contends that her son is innocent. Saying, “He went up at 10 a.m. that morning to buy the same shoes for $220. I gave him the money and he’s on camera buying the shoes.” She said her son didn’t think the shoes were real so he was not interested in completing the sale. 

“He told me he walked away from the boys and as he was walking away from the boys, two guys stayed at the park talking to some more guys,” Washington said. “Thirty minutes later, he texted my son and said, ‘You set me up. You knew they were going to rob me.'”

Recently the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office cautioned that robberies related to arranged internet purchases had increased. Police advised would be online buyers to meet with sellers at a public location. 

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