From years of being in athletic retail locations as both a consumer and a worker, it occurred to me an overwhelming majority of my colleagues had no idea what they were talking about. I grew tired of seeing so much misinformation disseminated to the clientele and/or them being told things that were just flatout inaccurate; the extent of their “knowledge” boiled down to regurgitating points from a sales sheet. I felt people deserved more; they needed an accurate place to get reliable information that will arm them to make the most informed footwear decisions BEFORE arriving to the store.  I love reviewing and discussing footwear and I started this website with not just the athlete or the sneaker enthusiast in mind, but also for the everyday person who simply wants a quality performing pair of footwear. I want Sneakershoptalk to be a valuable source of information from the hardcore sneaker enthusiast, athlete, to the parent who wants to purchase a quality for their child.