Under Armour MicroG Torch 2



I’m ashamed to admit but I’m a bad reviewer. The Torch 2 marks the first time I have played in an Under Armour shoe. I am not sure how this happened but it shouldn’t have taken this long for me to get some of the Baltimore based company’s kicks on court. What were my impressions after long last? Read on to find out.

From my initial examination and when I put them on, the thing that struck me the most was the plushness of the inner. It’s very well padded without being bulky or creating excess heat retention. The inner of this shoe speaks to something that wasn’t haphazardly thrown together or just done as an after thought and that is something that I or any other wearer of this shoe will greatly appreciate.

The inner works so well with the upper, which is a synthetic, to hold your foot in place. Initially I had concerns if this would be the case, as the upper is very soft and flexible out of the box.  I was concerned despite the reinforcement overlays on the medial and lateral side may be lacking in its ability to provide support in those areas. I can say my concerns were largely unfounded, as the Torch 2 held my foot in place pretty well.

Cushioning was tasked to a full-length MicroG midsole. I was unsure what to expect, as this was my first exposure to the tech. The foam felt pretty good right out of the box and once I got them out on the court, the experience only got better. The foam required hardly any break-in time and it offers good impact protection and cushioned feel. The Torch 2 also has respectable court feel as well. This is due to, according to Under Armour, the foam is 30% thinner than traditional foam cushioning. While I cannot say I was able to feel the lines on the hardwood, my foot did not sit too high off the ground in the Torch 2.

The traction pattern on the Torch 2 is comprised of large oval shaped areas at the heel and forefoot with diamond shaped stumps in them that are what actually grips the court. Out of the box, the outsole did provide an extremely high level of traction. As time wore on and the rubber wore down, the traction improved somewhat, however it never rose to a very high level. There were countless times where I experienced some slippage in the Torch 2. It seems the diamond shaped stumps do not grab the floor that well. It seems this is an outsole that would be better suited for a turf shoe or a trainer rather than a basketball shoe.

In conclusion, the Torch 2 is a shoe that offers plenty of positives. It has good fit and cushioning and decent court feel, but the traction falls short of where it needs to be. While the traction issue may not be a complete deal breaker, be mindful of it if you plan on taking the Torch 2 on court. I would recommend wearing them for a day or two to wear the rubber a bit before hitting the hardwood. Additionally,if you are a big man you may want to look at a shoe more geared to your game and needs, as the upper is likely too flexible to suit you.


Under Armour Torch 2

Colorway Tested: Grey/Volt 

Weight: 13 oz (in a sz 11) 

Pros: Flexible right out of the box, good fit, cushioning, and court feel

Cons: Lackluster traction, upper may be too flexible for some

Fit: 17/20 

Cushioning: 17/20

Support: 16/20 

Traction: 15/20 

Comfort: 18/20 

Overall: 83/100 (B)