Teen beat up and robbed of sneakers

In the Bensonhurst neighborhood of New York City, another meetup for a sneaker sale went horribly wrong. 

The victim told police he thought the arranged meeting was to sell two pair of sneakers but when he arrived at the meeting place on 86th street, one of the miscrients came up behind him with gun in hand. The other three assailants allegedly beat him up, robbed him and ran of with the kicks. 

This is another and unfortunate example of what can happen when you do meet ups with people you do not know to transact sneaker sales. If you must do it this way, be sure to meet during the day, in a public place , and DO NOT go alone! 

We post these stories not to cast the culture in a disprarenging light, but hopefully it will encourage other sneaker enthusiasts to take the necessary precautions.