Marcus Morris agrees to deal with Knicks after Spurs pull offer

According to The Athletic and Stadium’s Shams Charania, Marcus Morris has agreed to a one-year, $15 million deal with the New York Knicks.

You may be wondering how that is possible, when he already agreed to a two-year $20 million contract with the San Antonio Spurs, right?

Well, not quite.

As reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc Spears, Morris had in fact agreed to the Spurs deal,however reconsidered it when the New York Knicks, of all teams, created additional cap space when they reworked the deal they had with Reggie Bullock because of injury concerns.

Undoubtedly the Spurs were not happy as they had made some moves, the trading of Davis Bertans and the aquisition of Demare Carroll, to make room for Morris.

As a consolation, the Spurs used a portion of their Morris-earmarked funds on Trey Lyles.

These players have their own reasons why they make the decisions they do but this one is a real head scratcher. The Spurs made moves to be in a position to sign you which indicates they had plans for you and to back out of that to go to the Knicks, who are not quite the Springfield Tire Fire of years past, operate nowhere near the level of competency that San Antonio does. Also they have a glut of players at Morris position, with the signings of Bobby Portis, Taj Gibson and youngsters Mitchell Robinson and Kevin Knox, which could leave limited minutes for Morris.

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