Stupid Things People Do Over Sneakers: Kingston shipowner busted for counterfeit sneakers

The island of Jamaica is a vacation spot known for its beaches, food, rum and happy grass. It also the setting for our latest edition of footwear fueled folly.

In Kingston, Jamaica, police seized over $950,000 of counterfeit goods and arrested a man in connection to the seizure.

Owen Jackson, 44, of Kingston was charged with unlawful use of trademarks. According to reports, a search of Jackson’s business was carried out on July 16 around 1:30 pm and 192 pairs of counterfeit sneakers were found.

Police said upon closer inspection of the items, the items themselves and their packaging did not have the look of authentic products.

Mr. Jackson was offered $300,000 bail with surety. He is set to appear August 13 in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court.

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