Stephen A Smith has to be corrected that Alabama State’s Eddie Robinson Jr is not related to legendary Grambling coach

There was a time when ESPN was the best source of high-quality sports reporting. Unfortunately for the knowledgeable sports fan that is an era long gone by( the decline in their reporting coincides with Disney acquiring the network).

For ESPN, facts are no longer the objective, but malleable obstacle in the pursuit of whatever narrative they happen to be pushing at any given moment. The troubling component of this formula is due to the sheer size of their platform much of “information” they export , even when proven to be fallacious is digested as fact by many in the sports populace.

Even though Molly, in a rare positive contribution to the show corrected Stephen A., and he made amends with an apology, an error was made n front of a national audience that could have been avoided with a ten second internet search. Remember ladies and gentlemen, just because they are on television does not automatically bestow accuracy on the things that tumble out of their mouths,

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