Shannon Sharpe to take his talents to First Take

After several weeks of speculation, Shannon Sharpe will be heading to ESPN. According to reporting from the New York Post, the football Hall of Fameris coming to First Take, where he will face off against Stephen A. Smith on Mondays and Thursdays during football season.

The proprietor of the Club Shay Shay podcast ended his 7-year partnership at Undisputed with Skip Bayless after the NBA Finals.

Smith made no bones about wanting Sharpe on First Take, saying as much on his podcats, The Stephen A. Smith Show , a few weeks back.

While Sharpe has been a hot commodity since leaving Undisputed, the same has not been the case , with Bayless and FS1 struggling to find Sharpe’s replacement. Eventually Richard Sherman was tapped as a replacment, setting the scene for potential on-air fireworks, considering the past issues that Bayless and Sherman have had with one another.

Former ESPN host and reporter Rachel Nichols will also have a segment on the FS1 show.

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