Stupid People and Sneakers: Knife-wielding sneaker seller robs and assaults twp victims

A Newton, Massachusetts man now finds himself in jail after he robbed one man and assaulted another while attempting to sell them both the same pair of Nikes.

According to court records, Judge Paul G. Pino ruled that 22-year-old Brandon D. Frank Jr, to be dangerous and ordered him to be held without bail for for the next four months as he awaits trial, following a pre-trial detention hearing Tuesday in New Bedford District Court.

His case is continued until September 24 for a probable cause hearing in New Bedford District Court.

The incidents that have curtailed Frank’s freedom occurred at approximately 12:15 am on August 9.

Court records state that a 24-year-old Hispanic man told police that Frank tried to sell him a pair of white Nike sneakers. When the man told Frank he was not interested in purchasing the kicks, Frank whipped out a knife and demanded money. The man gave him $10 and Frank was angered and demanded more money.

Another victim, a 44-year old Guatemalan man, a friend of the first victim, relayed to law enforcement that Frank approached him trying to sell him the same previously mentioned pair of sneakers. He repeatedly told Frank he did not wish to buy the shoes and told Frank, “I know you’ve been robbing my friends.”

According to the victim, he reached for his cellular phone to call the police and Frank hit him with an open hand and the knocked the phone out of his hands.

A laceration on the man’s nose was noted and observed by police, however he declined medical attention.

Court records stated that Mr. Frank made an admission that he attempted to sell the sneakers to the Guatemalan man and slapped the phone out of his hands because he felt disrespected. Frank further attempted to justify his actions by saying the victim made “fun of him for selling sneakers and being homeless.” Frank denied striking the man in the face.

According to court records, officers found a knife on Frank’s person and it was taken into evidence. Police also found $10 in Frank’s possession and returned it to the 24-year-old victim.

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