Another Too Late,Pointless & Incorrect Ruling by the NBA

I have to start off by saying I like Draymond Green. I’ve followed the progression of his career since his days at Michigan State, to his ascension to major cog in the Golden State Warriors machine. I like his game and I’m a fan of the passion he brings to the floor each and every night.

With that being said,our personal feelings about a guy will not deter us from from calling it as we see it.

We all saw the shot to testes that Green delivered to the testes of Thunder center Steven Adams. Quite frankly, there was little doubt as to the intent of that. That jump kick to the nether region would’ve made Ric Flair and Johnny Cage proud. Green’s explanation after the game did little to assuage any doubt about that being an accidental kick.

If that weren’t bad enough, in their latest edition of Too Little, Too Late, the NBA comes out the next day and said a flagrant 2 foul should have been called which would have resulted in an ejection for Draymond. Way to get out in front of things , Commissioner Silver and Co. It seems to be such a futile and disingenuous move when these league make these declarations on bad calls after the fact;they are not going to replay the games and NBA refs are a protected class, these weak admissions are mere lip service until the next occurrence.

The missing and eventual weak admission was not the what I found most distasteful about this matter, rather it was the argument made by some rather well-known sports media personalities that Draymond Green should not be suspended not because of what he did, rather than who he is. One of the main tenets of this asinine assertion was that a playoff series should not be determined, potentially, due to a suspension, is complete bunk. By that logic, a star player should not be subject to the fundamental disciplinary rules of the game, merely because of status. A foul on Stephen Curry should also be a foul on Deangelo Russell. I know it doesn’t happen that way,but it should and I don’t think that is pie-in-the-sky thinking, it’s just calling games as they should be called, irrespective of who is committing the fouls. To advocate special treatment for players is just a lazy and inaccurate take and shame on those in the sports media who are pushing.

We will have none of that here.

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