Check these initial images of the “Carmine” Air Jordan 6

Thirty years after its original 1991 release the “Carmine” Air Jordan 6 is set to make its latest , and likely its most anticipated return to retail because of two words: Nike Air.

This incarnation of the “Carmines” will feature the original “NIKE AIR” branding for the first time since its 1991 debut. It is also supposed to be a dead ringer, which all retros should be, for its 1991 progenitor, meaning in addition to the aforementioned branding, it will sport the original collar height and shape.

The “Carmine” Air Jordan 6 is , for now, schedule to make its fourth retail return ( 1991, 2008 CDP, 2014) February 13, 2021 and it will carry a $200 USD sticker price.

Air Jordan 6 
February 13, 2021

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