Coach Prime says Colorado State player “does not deserve death threats”

The environment surrounding last week’s Colorado/Colorado State clash was tense, and that would be putting it mildly. The tensions were germinated with Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell taking not-so-subtle jabs at Colorado head coach Deion Sanders, leading to Coach Sanders saying it was now, “personal.”

The spilled over to theplayers, with sseveral members of both team getting into a dust-up before the game, and once the game commenced, several Colorado State players added to the terse realtions, with several questionable hits, culminatng with the chep shot that Rams safetyhenry Blackburn laid o Travis Hunter, whch resulted in a lacerated kiney for Hunter and will cost him several weeks of action.

Social media dod not take too kindly to Blackburn’s action, not only soundly lambasting him, but taking the additonal step of locating personal identifying informatins and using that to send death threats to both he and his family.

with Blackburn being the object of so much derision and castigation. one of those voies were not Colorado head coach Deion Sanders, who in part said in his Tuesday press conference that , “He does not deserve a death threat over a game.”

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