Could this be a first look at the Air Jordan XXXVI?

This may come as a shock to many of you , but the Air Jordan line did not end with the XIV. As a matter of there have been a number of more than solid silhouettes that have been produced in the post-XIV era.

There has been very little news about it, we know the next installment in this venerable line is forthcoming. An image of what is speculated to be the XXXVI. The image quality is not optimal ( how that happens in 2021 is the real question) but what can be seen definitively is the Flight Plate appears to return in some iteration. Should this in fact be the XXXVI, then it will likely carry over the theme of some visual connection to the model that preceded it by 30 years, which in this case would be the Air Jordan VI, though from the image more of a Jordan Team FBI look can be seen.

At this very early juncture there is still little news on this mystery shoe but more information will be provided as it avails itself.

image via sneakerhighway23

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