DeMar DeRozan Lakers speculation gaining steam

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Chicago Bulls standout DeMar DeRozan is set to become a free agent this off-season, leading to widespread speculation about where he’ll land next. Jovan Buha of The Athletic recently weighed in on rumors linking DeRozan to the Los Angeles Lakers. 

When a Lakers fan questioned the likelihood of DeRozan joining forces with LeBron James and Anthony Davis in LA, Buha was quick to dismiss the idea. He acknowledged the slim possibility but emphasized, “Unless DeMar is determined to return to his roots, to Los Angeles, and play for the team he idolized as a child, I just don’t see it happening.”

Buha pointed out that DeRozan’s weaknesses in perimeter offense and defense might not align well with the Lakers’ needs. He explained that the Lakers would ideally want a third star who excels in shooting and can effectively play off the ball or who possesses stronger defensive skills, qualifications that DeRozan seems to lack. 

The Southern California native has long been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers, suggesting a potential interest or fit in the past.

In the 2023-24 NBA season, DeMar DeRozan had an impressive run with the Chicago Bulls, posting an average of 24.0 points, 4.3 rebounds, 5.3 assists, and 1.1 steals per game. The six-time All-Star is particularly strong in midrange play and one-on-one situations, showcasing his ability to both create and make shots consistently. 

DeRozan even broke the record for the most minutes played by an NBA player.

Despite his prowess in scoring from inside the three-point line, DeRozan’s performance as a long-range shooter has been lacking. Over the season, his three-point shooting percentage was only 33.3%.

In related news, social media was abuzz after both DeMar DeRozan and Russell Westbrook were seen onstage at a concert by Kendrick Lamar, generating considerable attention and surprise from fans.

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