DeMarcus Cousins tears ACL

DeMarcus Cousins just cannot catch a break from a health standpoint. The two worst injuries that can derail a basketball player’s career are an Achilles tear and blowing out a knee.

Unfortunately, Boogie can now check both of those off his injuries suffered list.

After suffering a knee injury Monday during a workout, further evaluation revealed that Cousins had torn an ACL, according to a report from The Athletic and Stadium’s Shams Charania.

It’s an unfortunate break for a player in Cousins who was still coming back from the Achilles tear he suffered a season ago and the quad injury from the playoffs.

The typical recovery timetable from this sort of injury is eight to twelve months so there is a small chance that Boogie could return toward the end of the season but in all likelihood this is a lost season, which means Cousins will have appeared in just 30 games over the past two seasons. It also means that the possibility of Boogie returning to the player he once was becomes less of a reality.

For the Lakers, this means more minutes for Javale McGee and could also see more of Anthony Davis at the five.

We never want to see any player get hurt so we are hoping for a speedy recovery and a return to high level basketball for Boogie.

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