Draymond Green says Stephen Curry is the greatest of all time

The greatest basketball player of all-time debate is something that casts its shadow over nearly every instance if basketball talk. It is a discussion that sports talk shows squeeze milage out of on nearly a daily basis.

Amongst active players, Warriors forward Draymond Green s one of the most vocal participants in this debate. The one-time LeBron nemesis has done a complete about face in recent years, becoming a LeBron apologist that would bring a smile to Nick Wright and Shannon Sharpe, as he has been shouting from the mountain tops that he thinks the kid from Akron is the best player ever. However Green seems to have had another change of heart, as now flying the banner that his teammate Stephen Curry is actually the best player all time.

Green unveiled his latest take on the matter in an interview with ESPN’s Nick Friedell following Golden State’s 123-116 Game 5 win over the Sacramento Kings, he had this to say:

“It’s way different,” Green said regarding Curry’s self-confidence. “But I think one of the most unique things about Steph is like — we all argue like, ‘Oh, is [Michael] Jordan the GOAT? Does LeBron [James] dethrone him? Whoever your guy is, who you think is the GOAT. Everyone debates it. 

“There’s no debate. [Steph] is the greatest. So that confidence runs different. But I think we all here in this world know, there’s no debate. He’s the greatest — and that’s a special thing.”

Let us see how long this last.

Let us know in the comments section what you think of Draymond’s latest GOAT take.

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