Enes Kanter takes shot at Lebron and China with messages on his shoes

Enes Kanter has had a lot to say, as of late , and particularly as it relates to Lebron James. His appearance on CNN where he displayed an unmitigated effrontery to speak on black issues , lecturing Lebron on his “responsibility” to ensure the black community got the COVID-19 vaccination. Seemingly emboldened by that national television exposure, Kanter set his sights on the NBA and Nike, going after the two entities for their association with China, in lieu of the country’s alleged treatment of the Uyghurs. If Kanter has a newfound interest in human rights, he did not have to look over 7,000 miles to China ; right here in the nation in which Kanter lives the people of Flint, Michigan still don’t have potable water, due to government neglect and malfeasance. If Kanter was so worried about the treatment of people, he would have at least mentioned it but it seems that he is more interested in waging his finger at black people.

He’s taken his message to the court as well, putting messages such as “Modern Day Slaves” and “No Beijing 2022”, in protest of the 2022 Winter Olympics , which are to be held in Beijing.

Over the past few weeks, Kanter has been very critical of the NBA and Nike and their association with China, questioning how they could do business with such a nation. Kanter seemed to take particular exception with Nike, who has been long criticised for the conditions under which their products are produced. This, in his mind, opened the door to rail against Lebron James, but oddly enough he has not said one word about teammate Jayson Tatum, who has an endorsement deal with Jordan Brand, which is also under the Nike umbrella. He hasn’t not had one ounce of vitriol towards players like Alex Caruso and Klay Thompson who have sneaker deals with Chinese brands.

In their nationally televised game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Kanter used his footwear to take more shots at Lebron. He wore a pair that on the toe says “Money over Moralsfor the King the lateral side “shows what is supposed to be Lebron getting crowned by China with money bags in the background, while the lateral side of the other shoe shows a crown of silence being worn while it appears people are being lead away. On the medial sides one shoe reads, “Hey [King] still researching and getting educated?”, while the other ” I am informed and educated on the situation” , reference to James’ comments on then-Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s tweet in support OG Honk Kong protestors. When asked about Morey’s tweet Lebron said that he was uneducated on the situation.

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