ESPN uses blatant misinformation to prop up LeBron (again)

When it comes to LeBron James ,ESPN is fully on board with pushing the false narrative of LeBron James has outpaced every other great player. The modus operandi for the network is all pro-LeBron, all the time and they have a cadre of paid LeSychophants that do the job daily. These LeEvangelists spread the gospel of the Chosen One to a national audience 7 days a week.

However, their attempt to warp reality to fit their LeBron-serving narratives extends past the paid on-air gum flappers, but it has also infested ESPN’s social media, where the electronic Bron fluffing is non-stop.

A recent post on SportsCenter’s Instagram account is another attempt to use a statistic superficially to prop up LeBron. However here we don’t fall for the narratives and provide the facts. Here is our video breaking down and calling out ESPN’s chicanery.

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