Ex-Nike executive’s son abused discount for sneaker business ( shocking)

Allegedly Joe Hubert, the son of former Nike executive Ann Hubert not only used a family discount to obtain stock for his sneaker reselling business. Mr. Hubert’s activity was reported to the company on multiple occasions but, nothing was ever done. Anyone who has been employed by the aforementioned company will not be appalled at the torpidity displayed, as that this is just the latest and highest-profile example of a repugnant culture that exist not only there but in most companies- the rules only apply to certain people.

This article from FOX Business sheds more light on the incident:

from Danielle Genovese of FOX Business:

The son of a former Nike executive was reported to the company “several times” for abusing his family discount for his sneaker reselling business, according to a new report.

Joe Hebert, son of Ann Hebert Nike’s former general manager of its North America division, would allegedly use family discount codes at stores in Portland and Eugene, Oregon, to benefit his company, West Coast Streetwear, according to sources who preferred to remain anonymous that spoke to Input Magazine.

Despite being reported to Nike’s Loss Prevention team on multiple occasions, sources told the outlet that his actions were never investigated, given his ties to upper management.

Ann Hebert, who held the title of vice president and general manager of Nike’s North America division, stepped down earlier this month for an undisclosed reason. At the time of her employment, sources told the outlet that their concerns over her son’s actions were “just going to fall on deaf ears.”

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