Fisk’s Maya Buckhanon named to NAIA All-America Team

Courtesy of Fisk University Athletics

NASHVILLE, Tenn.: Fisk University Women’s Basketball Player Senior Maya “Cam” Buckhanon has recently earned the NAIA Second-Team All-American Honors for her exceptional performance in the 2022-23 season. Maya has been an integral part of the Fisk Women’s Basketball Program, and her impressive skills and dedication have not gone unnoticed.

Maya is thrilled to have received such a prestigious award, especially after having yet to play an entire season since 2020. According to Maya, this achievement is one of her personal goals, and she is proud to represent Fisk University and the women’s basketball program. Maya attributes her success to Coach Crawford, who pushed her to be her best, and her supportive teammates.

Maya’s exceptional performance throughout the season included several memorable moments. One of the highlights was the trip to Arkansas, where the team beat the number one team in the conference, and Maya scored the game-winning shot. Maya also fondly remembers the team dinner at Texas Roadhouse with their funny waiter.

For those aspiring to be in Maya’s shoes one day, she advises never to give up and embrace adversity as a learning experience. According to Maya, success may require taking a longer path, but one can achieve their goals with determination and hard work.

Maya is also proud to be part of one of the most successful Fisk teams in recent history. She believes that this season was a start of a new beginning for the team, and they will continue to build from there. Maya also recognizes the impact of Fisk alums on her journey and the women’s basketball program. She is honored to be part of the Fisk All-American legacy and hopes to continue the tradition of success and make the Fisk Alumni proud. 

In conclusion, Maya “Cam” Buckhanon’s impressive performance and recognition as an NAIA Second-Team All-American is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. In addition, she inspires many aspiring athletes, showing that one can achieve their dreams with determination and perseverance. Fisk University and the women’s basketball program can be proud of Maya and her accomplishments, and we look forward to seeing what she achieves in the future.

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