Fracas erupts in SE Melbourne/ Melbourne United game

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A Mitch Creek dunk has sparked a melee in South East Melbourne Phoenix’s spiteful 94-86 Throwdown XIII victory over Melbourne United at John Cain Arena.

Key points:

  • The Phoenix’s Mitch Creek was knocked to the ground by United’s Mason Peatling, before a melee broke out
  • Peatling was ejected from the game for his role in the incident
  • With its 94-86 win, The Phoenix remains undefeated after three games

Creek spectacularly dunked over United’s Matthew Dellavedova late in the third quarter, before he stood over his Australian Boomers teammate, who was laid out on the court.

As Creek taunted Dellavedova he was collected in the jaw and bumped to the ground by United forward Mason Peatling, who was then set upon by the Phoenix’s Izayah Le’afa.

By this stage, Creek had leapt to his feet and pursued Peatling, as game officials attempted to keep players from both sides apart.

Mitch Creek, left, was bumped by Mason Peatling, setting off a melee in the third quarter.(Getty Images: Kelly Defina)

The melee — which played out in front of stunned spectators sitting behind the basket — was eventually broken up.

Game and team officials attempted to break up the scuffle.(AAP: Joel Carrett)

Peatling was ejected from the game, and Creek and Le’afa were handed unsportsmanlike fouls.

Creek — who was also hit with a technical foul for taunting Dellavedova — remained in the game.

Creek, centre, was restrained by game officials during the aftermath of the melee.(AAP: Joel Carrett)

“I’m never going to let anyone play that way,” Creek told ESPN after the game.

“I apologise to people if I took the game into the wrong [place], but I will protect my teammates and protect myself.

“That’s not how you play basketball. We had a very hyped situation, and a bit of yelling and screaming … but that’s no reason to check someone.

“It’s not rugby, this is basketball.”

The melee was triggered by Creek’s slam dunk.(Getty Images: Kelly Defina)

Creek compiled a 16-point haul in Phoenix’s victory and teammate Zhou Qi posted a game-high 22 points.

Dellavedova was United’s leading scorer, with 19 points, in addition to recording 10 rebounds.

The Phoenix are undefeated after three games, while United are yet to record a win this season.

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