Glen Davis disgustingly delights in Kyrie Irving injury

When Kyrie Irving went down in a heap after landing on the foot of Giannis Antetokounmpo Sunday in Game 4 of their second round playoff series, opponents ,fellow players and people with basic human decency sent well wishes to the Nets guard.

Glen Davis did not fall into that category. Davis seemed to relish in Irving’s plight, as he commented on social media, “that’s the same ankle stomp on lucky “ and a shrug emoji.

Davis initially got his large panties in a bunch when Irving stepped on the Celtics’ logo following their last game in Boston in the series.

I am not sure who Davis is trying to impress but his daftness is mind blowing. Having enough rancor that he is openly celebrating the harm of not only a fellow athlete but another black man for stepping on a logo of an entity that Davis does not own is an indictment of the depth of lunacy that pervades his twisted psyche.

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