Golden State Warriors updates on James Wiseman and Klay Thompson

Since their defeat in the 2019 NBA Finals at the hands of Kawhi Leonard, their quest to reascend to the summit of the NBA’s Mount Olympus has been hampered by injuries. Whether is was Stephen Curry being limited to only five games in 2019-20 or Klay Thompson missing the last two seasons with ACL and Achilles tears, the Warriors team that has been on the floor has had little resemblance of the team we saw competing for an winning three championships over a five-year span.

Even lottery pick James Wiseman, who the club took , with the second overall selection in the 2020 draft was bit by the injury bug, suffering a partial meniscus tear on Tax Day, April 15.

Monday afternoon the team released an update on both Thompson and Wiseman. According to the report, both players are making positive progress. Thompson, specifically, is expected to “participate in various controlled drills during training camp” , while Wiseman is still expected to begin full jumping six months post surgery, which will be October 15.

If the Warriors are to return to being players in the Western Conference it will require a healthy Thompson, even if he is not quite back to where he was pre-injury. Even Wiseman, who while very talented still has some rough patches on his game, may also be called upon to contribute as well.

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