Harry Froling happy with “Good” Jazz workout

From nbl.com.au :

NBL Rookie of the Year Harry Froling says his pre-draft workout with Utah Jazz was a “really good experience”, as he continues to showcase his skillset ahead of June’s NBA Draft.

Froling was one of six players to work out for the Jazz overnight, and the former Adelaide 36er sounded pleased with how he performed.

“It was good,” Froling told Utah media.

“This is my first workout for the pre-draft stuff. A bit of altitude, good to get a run in and get a good work out with a good group of guys.

“Overall it was a really good experience, a good learning curve for me.”

An ESPN report last week stated Froling also has workouts planned with Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, New Orleans Pelicans and San Antonio Spurs.

Froling isn’t a stranger to Utah, after facing off against them during last year’s NBLxNBA series. Adelaide lost that game 129-99, with Froling recording two points and four rebounds in 12 minutes.

Despite it just being one game, the 21-year-old says he gained confidence from that preseason affair, with it proving to him he can match it with NBA talent.

“It was cool to come out and watch these guys,” Froling said.

“The biggest difference for me was there wasn’t actually that much of a difference.

“You watch it on TV and you are shocked, you’re like these guys go by everyone, it is so easy for them. Then you go out there and they’re just regular dudes.

“They’re the best of the best for their skillset, they don’t miss open shots, they’re super athletes and stuff like that. When it comes down to Xs and Os and just hooping, they’re the same as everyone else.

“It’s just about perfecting your craft and it definitely gave me a big confidence boost when I was out there.

“I think I ran into Derrick Favors and sent him flying. I was like, you look at those guys on TV and you’re like, those guys are massive.

“Then I hit him and he went flying, and I was like, I’m just as big as these dudes, I can do this sort of thing.

“That gave me the confidence I can play at this level eventually.”

The Jazz have Australian links, with Joe Ingles and Dante Exum on the roster, something Froling noted.

“I know Dante and Joe Ingles, I went to the AIS, I’m in the national squad, those guys are all through that,” Froling said.

“I’ve spoken to them, I caught up with Joe when I was back in Adelaide. It’s good to see those guys here.

“I hear Utah loves their Aussies, so it’s a good thing.”

When asked to explain his game to local media, Froling compared his skillset to that of Denver’s Nikola Jokic, such is his unique arsenal for a bigman.

“I’m a versatile player, inside and out,” Froling said.

“I can shoot the three, I didn’t shoot particularly great today. I’m an inside out player, great passer. I won’t be jumping over anyone or dunking on anyone, but I like to think I’m a bit similar to Jokic in certain ways.

“He is an All-Star so that is a big call but similar attributes and as I develop my game, I can eventually develop into a player similar to that.

“I had a really good season back home in Australia, I shot 44 percent from three, so I can shoot the ball.

“Obviously I’ve got to come out here and prove it in front of them. They need to see I can shoot a longer distance, which is the NBA line, so hopefully with video and what I’ve shown today they think I can shoot the ball and they see my skillset.

“I just went out, did what I could, and it was a good workout.”

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