Ja Morant is trying to burn his life to the ground

There is no lipstick on this proverbial pig-Ja Morant is a dumbass and is a living example of those who do not learn from history and are doomed to repeat it. Barely 60 days after his last screw-up in which he brandished a firearm on an Ished firearm on an Instagram live video, a recent video has surfaced of this ignoramus once again flashing a weapon. The video was not shot in a serupticious manner to catch Morant engaging in nefarious or questionable activity, quite the contrary, Morant willingly starred in this latest recorded documentation of stupidity. 

Already some people are carrying water for the Grizzlires stat player, arguing that he didn’t wrong. From a legal standpoint, he is well within his right to own. a firearm, as he is not a felon. While they are correct that Ja has broken no laws, legality is not the issue in this instance; this is a matter of optics and decision-making or the lack thereof. 

When you ascend to the level that Morant has, you cannot move in the same manner some random dusty crumbum does, both on social media and in real life. 

Ja Morant is not only the face of the Memphis Grizzlies, but his name has been bantered about as one of the young faces of the new generation of the NBA and as such, you cannot have instances of engaging in, to say the least, questionable behavior. 

J Morant has put in the work and paid the price to refine his prodigious talents that have elevated himself to the point that he practically has the world at his fingertips and he is on the fast track to pissing it all away because he wants to be a character on Power. 

He is hurtling down the path towards self-destruction and it’s happening in front of the world in real time. Those who Morant has surrounding him are endorsing this sort of behavior through direct participation. If no one has sat that brother down and had some direct but uncomfortable conversations with him then it’s obvious they have little regard for Ja’s well-being; they are malignant parasites, siphoning all the resources and clout they can until their host is a dried husk.  To Tee Morant- you are on the clock; it is easy to sit on the sidelines, cheering and looking cool, however, it is time for the proverbial fatherhood rubber to meet the road. If you must put a Sgt. Phillip Harrison-style foot on Ja’s hind parts to get his mind right, then so be it. 

Several sports media meat sacks are enjoying Morant authoring his downfall; I take no such pleasure in documenting and commentating on his issues.  The criticism offered here is in the vein of knowing this brother can be better and wanting to see him reach his full potential, both on and off the court. Ja is suspended for the time being and hopefully, unlike his last case of dumbassery, he can use the time to reflect on where he is, and what is on the line and make the necessary personal purges from his circle. 

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