James Harden’s alleged Adidas Signature Sled Relentlessly Mocked by the Internets


We can remember how unrelenting( and funny) the roasting of the Curry 2 Lows were. Some of the memes can still draw a chuckle from me even to this day. The internet has now has a new object of ridicule: James Harden’s signature shoes. Since the initial pictures were first posted yesterday on Sneakerwatch, twitter has zeroed in on lighting up the initial offering from Adidas.

Here are some of the twitter takes on Harden’s kicks:



Even that four letter sports network got in on the act:



While we here at SST are typically more focused on performance than aesthetics, I certainly hope they perform like beasts on the court for the amount of abuse they are taking.

Even if they do it still may not be enough for him or Adidas to live these down for quite sometime.





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