Klay Thompson dunking at Warriors practice

When he tore his ACL, Klay Thompson became the latest member of the M.A.S.H. Unit that the Golden State Warriors morphed into during last year’s NBA Finals.

Thompson suffered the injury late in game 6 while completing a dunk, effectively ending the warriors’ chance at a three-peat.

He has spent this season rehabilitating the injury and video from a recent practice of Thompson dunking indicates that the process has been proceeding according to plan.

As a multiple-time sufferer of the same injury, there are a few things I observed that bodes well for Thompson and the Warriors. When returning from a major injury there are mental and physical milestones that you must traverse order to fully recover. Klay wasn’t wearing a brace and he was moving with decisive purpose which shows that the knee is strong and he has confidence in it.

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