Latest on the Illawarra Hawks ownership situation

The strange and ever-evolving saga regarding the ownership situation regarding the NBL’s Illawarra Hawks has taken a new turn.

Below is a statement from League Commissioner Jeremy Loeliger.


NBL Commissioner Jeremy Loeliger said:  “The Administrator’s decision to liquidate the company that previously held the licence to operate the Illawarra Hawks does not affect the future of the Illawarra Hawkis’ participation in the NBL, nor does it affect the current process being conducted by the NBL to grant the licence to operate the club to new owners.

“As we announced when the club was put into voluntary administration, the NBL is in discussions with a number of interested parties and we are well progressed towards finding the next owners of the franchise. The Hawks are one of the NBL’s foundation clubs and we are committed to the club remaining in the league and continuing their unbroken participation in the competition since the NBL’s inception in 1979.”

Perhaps the Hawks’ situation might be a bit more stable had LaMelo Ball and Jermaine Jackson actually purchased the club.

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