Lebron James sends food truck for Getty Fire first responders

I have been critical of Lebron James, but also complementary when it is warranted ( that’s called being objective people!). I must tip my cap to the brother for this act. As I type these words, the well-publicized wildfires are still raging on. The fires have consumed over 76,000 acres and are only 15% contained. It has also necessitated the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people, including James and his family, while power outages have left millions in the dark, with a third power cut by Pacific Gas&Electric could leave 4 million Californians with out electricity.

Having to evacuate did not prevent James from pitching in a helping hand. The NBA megastar sent a taco truck ( of course) to provide food for first responders. A gesture that did not go unnoticed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

James was not the only person of note to lend a hand. Sports entertainer John Cena donated $500,000 and Food Network host Guy Fieri helped cook meals for evacuees and first responders.

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