Making A Difference: Spurs Rook Lonnie Walker IV donates 300 pairs of shoes to hometown basketball league

With our ongoing series, Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers, we have the unfortunate tasks of bringing to you the depravity that sneakers can cause. This is a sneaker-related story that should bring a smile to your face.

According to the Reading Eagle’s Mike Drago, San Antonio Spurs rookie Lonnie Walker, along with Adidas exec Eric Wise, helped deliver 300 pairs of shoes to the Blacktop Basketball League in Redding, Pennsylvania.

“Lonnie has been nothing but genuine in being a role model and carrying himself the right way,” Blacktop board member Wynton Butler said. “That’s what he’s done from the beginning. He’s everything we knew he would be, in terms of how he carries himself. He’s been nothing but a perfect role model.”

Walker and Reid’s shared connection of playing and attending Reading High School, albeit 20 years apart, played a part in Walker signing an endorsement deal with Adidas before the 2018 NBA draft.

The estimated $30,000 worth of kicks will soon be distributed to local players.




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