Making Kicks Count: Arizona non-profits gives sneakers to the homeless

A Phoenix Arizona non-profit , Cloud Covered Streets ,gave out 210 pairs of brand new sneakers to those in need this week.

Since August the organisation has taken a mobile laundry shower and laundry built by their executive director Robert Thornton around the area three times per week. In addition getting a shower, people can also get new clothes, haircuts and some essential supplies.

Cloud Covered Street’s mobile shower and laundry

“We have blacks, whites, Hispanic, Native Americans, gay, straight, transgender– everybody. And they’re just sitting around all having a good time feeling normal and getting treated with respect, which they very rarely get,”

Robert Thornton, Executive Director Cloud Covered Streets

This week the organisation wrapped up Nike shoes gave them to those who used their shower and laundry. “To be able to give them something they can actually unwrap and always interesting to see their faces light up when they see that Nike symbol…they know they’re getting a good pair of shoes,” said Thornton.

“I haven’t had new shoes in a few years, so it’s pretty emotional for me,” 

Chad Martinez

Gregory Alexander lives in a Phoenix homeless shelter and said that he was recently robbed of all his possessions recently. The event allowed him to replace many of the things that were stolen; Alexander also got a new pair of Nikes.

“So many people are full of fear and anxiety and pain and heartache and frustration and what a blessing for people to spread a little joy and the love of Christ through giving,”

Gregory Alexander

“I’m thankful you know? For all of this that they do. They don’t really have to spend their money, but they just want to give back because they have blessings too “

Erika Navette

“When you’re homeless, you’re always walking around. When you’re walking around you want some new shoes that will fit you, that’s going to keep you comfortable, that’s going to get you to your destination to your goals “

Rachel Pastran

If you want to assist Cloud Covered Streets in their mission help the homeless you can do so here.

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