Making Kicks Count: Florida man donates hundreds of sneakers to local children

Since 2005 Jason Roberts has been a collector of Air Jordans and other Nikes and in that time he built a collection that was hundreds of sneakers deep.

While renovating his West Palm Beach home a few months back, he had an epiphany while looking at his collection.



“I felt that there are kids out there that can put them to better use to them than I can,” Roberts said.

Jason spoke with a coach at Jeaga Middle School in West Palm Beach and asked him if any children needed shoes. The coach informed him there were and Roberts gave him 60 pairs of sneakers for the underserved children.

“There’s kids that are being bullied because of their shoes. I think that’s crazy. But that’s just the way the world is today,” Roberts said.

He has also donated another 100 pairs of sneakers at churches and at the park where he plays basketball.

“I just want people to know that giving has its rewards,” Roberts said.

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