Making Kicks Count: Manhattan joggers gives sneakers off his feet to homeless man

Typically when we report on stories in which people take of their shoes it usually not of their own volition. This is certainly not the case with the actions of this mystery New York man.

A recently posted video shows a runner in New York’s financial district giving the shoes and socks off his feet to man seated on a sidewalk grate.

The clip was posted to Twitter by user @NYorNothing , shows the the altruistic act by the runner, who then walks away barefoot.

The user, who when speaking to the New York Post asked to identified by Antonella, her first name, had this to say:

I watched the jogger talk to the homeless man and then start to take off his shoe, then his sock. ( Antonella said the initially thought the gentleman man was taking off his foot coverings to give the other man money)
I said to myself, ‘Wow who actually keeps money in their socks. After, he took off both shoes and socks, he left them with the man and started to walk away barefoot [toward Liberty Street]

I really hope we find this guy’s identity out.

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