Making Kicks Count: Patrick Mahomes foundation and brother donates kicks to school

This past Thursday, July 11, Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson and the Chiefs QB’s foundation, 15 and Mahomies donated adidas sneakers to underprivileged children of the Whitehouse ISD (Whitehouse, Texas) students.

Adam Cook, Whitehouse athletics director said this to

It’s a great testament of who (Patrick Mahomes) is. We’re very grateful for what he’s done. One of the things we’ve talked about with our team is just having an attitude of gratitude. So many times we take for granted the things that we have in life. And for Patrick to do something like this for these kids, it says a lot about who he is, his character.”

School officials will give out the shoes to children in the district who most need shoes.

On an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Mahomes had this to say of the organization he founded:

[The organization will serve] kids from either under-served communities that don’t get the same opportunities I had whenever I was young, or kids that are in the hospital that have chronic illnesses or have suffered major injuries, because those kids are the ones that have trained harder than me by 100 times every single day,”

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