NBL releases second statement regarding Illawarra Hawks’ ownership situation

The NBL has released a follow-up statement to the seemingly developing situation surrounding the ownership of the Illawarra Hawks. An initial statement released by the league somewhat downplayed the initial reports of LaMelo Ball and his manager buying the club, it was quite easy to decipher the tea leaves and grasp that something may be afoot

Below is the latest from the league:

The NBL has taken back the licence for the Illawarra Hawks after the club was placed into voluntary administration.

Hungry Jack’s NBL Owner and Executive Chairman Larry Kestelman said: “We thank Simon and Wendy Stratford for everything they have done during their time at the club to advance the interests of the Hawks and the Illawarra region and we wish them all the very best during these unprecedented and challenging times.

We will spend the coming weeks establishing a plan and a process to find the next owners of the club. Illawarra is one of the NBL’s foundation clubs and we are committed to ensuring its long term viability and success in the League.

We are in discussions with the Australian Basketball Players’ Association and will address the issue of any outstanding player entitlements from the 2019-20 season, and make sure the club is in a strong position and ready to participate in the 2020/21 Hungry Jack’s NBL season.”

This statement clears up that Simon and Wendy Stratford are no longer the team owners of the Illawarra Hawks. Precisely how or why that transpired the League is not saying.

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