Nike ends partnership with Hockey Canada

Afte two decades, Nike has severed ties with Hockey Canada.

Nike is no longer a sponsor of Hockey Canada,” a company statement issued Monday said. 

“We will continue to provide on-ice product for Hockey Canada athletes as part of our partnership with the International Ice Hockey Federation, but our individual partnership with the federation has ended.”

Hockey Canada issued this statement Monday:

“Hockey Canada is appreciative of the longstanding partnership we had with Nike for over two decades and respects their decision not to continue as a Hockey Canada partner

Hockey Canada statement

Back in October, Nike announced a temporary halting of support of the program, which coincided with similar actions from Scotiabank and Chevrolet Canada, while Canadian Tire pulled permanently pulled its support.

The decision from the Beaverton, OR based athletic juggernaut is the latest ramifications for the organization, which has been rocked by allegations of the organization’s mishandling of sexual assault allegations and a myriad of settlement payouts. According to a report from the CBC, the organization has paid out of $8.9 million to 21 complainants since 1998. The latest controversy for the embattled organization stems from its handling of a $3.5 million lawsuit. A young lady filed a statement of claim in April 2022 which alleged that eight hockey players sexually assaulted her at a 2018 Hockey Canada Gala that took place in London, Ontario. The statement of claim accused Hockey Canada of negligence in its failure to address systemic abuse within the organization and condoning a “culture and environment that glorified the degradation and sexual exploitation of young women.” The initial eight-month police investigation that took place closed in February 2019 without any charges being filed. Unsealed court documents showed that London police stated there existed enough reasonable grounds to accuse five world junior players of sexual assault.

Amidst the firestorm, the CEO and Hockey Canada’s entire Board of Directors resigned. Earlier this month former Curling Canada Katherine Henderson was appointed new Hockey Canada President and CEO.

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