Principal who said Kobe’s death was “karma” allowed to resign

It seems the list of people who have been chomping at the bit to dance on Kobe Bryant’s grave is growing. We previously covered the disgrace of a disgraceful family, Abigail Disney, and her racist and irreprehensible statements shortly after the fatal helicopter crash that took the lives of Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others. No-name actress Evan Rachel Wood also had to chime in and spew her hate that would not only appeal to the racists of the world but also that of the hypocritical “me too” crowd.

Although MSNBC reporter Alison Morris somehow (though it is clear why) has retained her job despite using the N-word on air in a report while reporting on the crash, the same cannot be said for Liza Sejkora. For the unaware, Sejkora, was formerly the principal of Camas High School in Camas Washington; I say formerly because she was allowed to resign, rather than be fired ( hmm, I wonder why?) after she made some particular disgusting comments about Bryant’s death that nearly had an air of jubilation. In a Facebook post Sejkora said, “Not gonna lie. Seems to me that karma caught up with a rapist today.” Sejkora would offer a milquetoast apology where she had to slide that former victim card in, saying to Portland Oregon’s KATU on Tuesday, “I have some personal experience that generated the visceral reaction. This was a situation where I didn’t think before I posted, and I’m terribly regretful about that.”

She was placed on administrative leave, i.e. paid vacation, while the district looked into the post. Sejkora tendered her resignation last Friday, which considering the severity and the abject vileness of her comments should be the proverbial death sentence to her educational career, but she has the complexion for the protection so she will slink away only to pop up in some other school district. Someone with that sort of mindset and clear disdain for black men will likely in the very near future be once again granted access to your children, if you allow it. Her name, like Alison Morris, Gayle King, Rose McGowan, should be synonymous with repugnant hate.

It is imperative that I impress upon you is that like Bill Cosby, these attacks upon Kobe Bryant, while directed at him superficially, they are really being used as a proxy to go after all black men. It is the same playbook the “me too” movement has been running. They have sought to make Mr. Cosby and other black men the face of rape and other sexual crimes, while being noticeably silent when it comes to the Weinsteins, Roethlisbergers, Bryan Singers, and Kevin Spaceys of the world.

Kobe Bryant was not perfect, he was a son, brother, husband and father but contrary to what media outlets such as ABC, MSNBC, CNN and FOX and their minions will try to drive home for perpetuity, he was not a rapist. What has played itself out in real time is the sobering fact is that the black community must safeguard the legacies of its luminaries, for we cannot rely on others to portray them as they should be. A line must be drawn in the sand, and a declaration made that we shall be the ones to write our own stories. Failure to address this, and it can already be seen with textbooks referring to slaves as “immigrants” showing up in schools, black people may find themselves relegated to a historical footnote while simultaneous made the face of nearly every ill plaguing society.

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