Russell Westbrook gets into heated exchange with fan

After halftime of their Game 1 win against the Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers guard Russell Westbrook had words with a a disrespectful fan in a lounge area.

The slick-mouthed fan called Westbrook , “Westbrick” a perjorative, perversion his last name coined years ago by perpetual Russ hater Skip “Methuselah” Bayless. Westbrook can be heard admonishing the fan to , “watch his mouth” before leaving. The fan can be heard saying “take it like a man”, which speaks to an issue that has reared its ugly head more in recent years, in that fans believe they can conduct themselves however they want toards these athletes with no repercussions.

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The ticket that was paid for, no matter what that amount was, in no way grants carte blanche to engage in behavior that in other circumstances would get a person decked in the face. Social media and the incessant, dehumanizing rantings of many talking gas bags in the sports media, combined with the spectre of slapping a 7 to eight figure lawsuit on a player, has emboldened this morons masquerading as sports fans to be very dsirespectful. The run-ins the families of Chris Paul’s family, Jusuf Nurkic and Westbrook , and even DeMar DeRozan’s 9-year-old daughter had with fans are illustative of this dark reality of the sports world. I can only hope that it does not reach a boiling point that could be painful for the fan and expensive for that unfortunate athlete.

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