Stupid Things Do For Sneakers: Australian shoe robber targets women

A 31-year-old Australian man charged over a series of alleged robberies in which he attacked and stole shoes from women in the Melbourne suburbs of Springvale and Clayton.

According to detectives from the Melbourne Embona Taskforce, the 31-year-old man allegedly followed and assaulted women and stole their high-end shoes.

The alleged Springdale robberies took place on Melton Street in Springvale on July 19 at approximately 10pm and at Springvale Road, also in Springdale, on October 6 at around 9:42 pm. While the Clayton robberies happened in an alley off Djerring Trail on Clayton Road near Clayton railway station at approximately 10:30 pm on November 14 and also near the same railway station on January 10, this time on the corner of Thompson Street and Flora Road at around 12:10 am.

A raid on Melbourne property on January 26 resulted in the arrest of the man. Law enforcement indicated they seized stolen designer ladies sneakers and a conducted energy device.

He was also charged for a robbery that occurred December 20 at approximately 3:55 am near Batman Street in Melbourne West.

The man is in custody and scheduled to appear at the Melbourne Maagistrates’ Court April 21.

The investigation is still an ongoing and active one, according to detectives/

Individuals with pertinent information are can call Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000 or

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