Stupid Things People Do for Sneakers: $250K worth of Yeezys recovered from moving truck

Back in March, police in Portland, Oregon recovered 1,100 stolen pairs of Adidas Yeezys. The sneakers valued at an estimated $250,000, were found in the back of a stolen U-Haul truck and subsequently arrested 26-year-old Rupert Cabrial Crosse in connection with the stolen truck and sneakers.

A U-Haul truck containing 1100 pairs of Adidas Yeezys were found by Portland Police.(Photo: Portland Police Bureau)

As it currently stands, Portland Police have yet to divulge from where the sneakers were stolen, nor the models that were recovered. An inquiry made by to police has yet to be answered.

Crosse was charged with a aggravated theft, and possession of a stolen vehicle but these aren’t the only marks on his wrap sheet. According to reporting from The Oregonian’s Douglas Perry, Crosse who is known as “Cabby” has pending cases involving prostitution and strangulation. In November 2021 he added the following to his criminal lowlight resume: with unlawful possession of oxycodone, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, unauthorised use of a motor vehicle and attempting to elude police on foot.

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