Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Decatur police investigating sneaker robbery Pt.1

Our unfortunate but necessary task of journaling the disgusting acts some commit to obtain kicks, takes us to Decatur, Illinois where a pair of sneaker robberies has caused local police to caution the citizenry to be careful when arranging deals online.

Decatur police are investigating two sneaker related robberies that occurred within 24 hours of one another.

In the first incident that occurred Saturday, July 28, when a Decatur man was robbed at gunpoint while trying to sell two pairs of sneakers.

According to Sgt. Brian Earles of the Decatur Police a 19-year-old man had made arrangements to show two pair of Air Jordans, valued at $400, to an individual who contacted him on Facebook Marketplace. Earles said the two agreed to meet near the basketball hoops at Garfield Montessori School.

The victim told police that the male he’d been in contact with came up to his car about 2:30 p.m., tapped on the window and he was let inside to look at the boxed shoes.

All of a sudden, the victim says he discovers there is actually a third male who has somehow climbed into the rear passenger seat without his knowledge. This person has a gun and, when the victim says he is calling police, the two suspects grab the shoes and take off running. – Decatur Police Sergeant Brian Earles

Sgt. Earles said law enforcement has descriptions of the suspects, both are about 17 years old, and the incident is being investigated by detectives.

Additionally Sgt. Earles also pointed out the Decatur Headquarters at 707 West Southside Drive has a sign marking it as a recommended meeting point for online arranged transactions. He said that buyers and sellers should take advantage of it when meeting people they do not know, saying it is, “definitely much safer.”

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