Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: $30,000 in sneakers and clothes stolen from parked car

An attendee of SneakerCon learned the hard way about leaving valuables in your car.

When Jason Ridenour walked out of Dacula, GA’s Wild Wing Cafe and approached his car, he immediately knew something was amiss. He noticed that his car door open and been pried open and prized items removed from the vehicle.

Those now missing prized possessions were the sneakers he brought to SneakerCon Atlanta. After attending the event, he stopped by the eatery.

Surveillance footage shoes a black Porsche SUV parked adjacent to Ridenour’s car for 22 minutes prior to his exiting of the restaurant. Police said that the SUV was initially parked to right of his car before pulling out and backing in on the other side of Ridenour’s vehicle.

Ridenour said the items were in the back of his car and covered with a sheet but anyone who saw the vehicle could tell the car was full of something.

“It seems to me like I came out while they were in the middle of it,”the husband and father of two young children said. He added that the thieves took approximately 40 pairs of shoes and 20 articles of clothing and that “it was almost my life savings and this happened in an affluent neighborhood.”

He estimates that the items taken are worth between $28,000 and $30,000 and he hopes that his insurance will at least cover some of his losses.

As of the writing of this article, no arrests have been made; anyone with pertinent information is asked to contact Gwinnett police.

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