Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Arranged social media sneaker sale leads to armed robbery

A Salem, New Hampshire resident found himself the victim of a robbery at a sneaker sale.

The victim arranged the sale of footwear via snapchat with 19-year-old Derick Moncion. However when Moncion arrived he had two other individuals in tow. According to police Mancion then pulled a gun on the would-be seller and threatened to shoot him if the sneakers were not handed over.

The seller/victim reported the robbery to relief that same day. Over the course of the following week a police investigation complied enough evidence to obtain an arrest warrant for Mancion.

Mancion was arrested shortly thereafter, when he was spotted in an IHOP parking lot by a patrol officer.

Mr. Mancion was charged with robbery with a firearm, which is a Class A felony. He was arraigned in Rockingham County Superior Court.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and they have not ruled out possibility of gang involvement.

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