Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Crime forces CA sneaker store to close

When at just the age of 20, Efrain Gonzalez opened Exchange Hype six months ago, this was certainly not the way he saw events playing themselves out.

Attempted robberies and repeated break-ins have led Gonzalez to make the simultaneously difficult and pragmatic decision to shutter the brick-and mortar location and shift to a strictly online platform.

Financially and mentally I don’t think we can stay here anymore. I love the things we had here as a store and a physical location and hope to keep the connection l built with everyone but we are not going to have a physical store anymore. I will list all items and do an online store only. I love everyone of you guys haters or not. I tried and it just wasn’t the time to have a store of my own yet.

Efrain Gonzalez, owner Exchange Hype

On Exchange Hype’s Instagram page, Gonzales posted a video from just a few days ago of three individuals who appears to casing the location before cutting to footage broken glass and one of the crooks is holding a tool that was likely utilized in the break-in.

The store’s loud security alarm caused the would-be thieves to run away into the evening. It is unclear if the three individuals entered the store.

According to Hadley Tomicki of, this latest attempted break-in comes on heels of a successful robbery that occurred shortly after the shop initially opened. Mr. Gonzalez indicated these crimes have cost him approxmately $10,000.

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Mr. Gonzalez told KTLA “I don’t feel safe to be here anymore, and it’s just sad… My door’s broken, my gate’s broken, glass broken, the floor’s broken — there’s a little hole — my shoes are scattered everywhere.”

Exchange Hype started online back in 2017 , selling sought after kicks, such as Jordans, Dunks, Yeezys and others to sneaker enthusiasts.

Gonzalez has filed reports with law enforcement and has emplored the public in assisting catch the guilty parties. Unfortunately the experience of Gonzalez is not unique; back in May we reported on Chicago sneaker spot Flee Club that was also forced to shutter its location due to repeated robberies.

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