Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: FL man steals sneakers after job interview at Kohl’s

Even for Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers this is a new one. A Florida man was arrested after he stole two pairs of sneakers from a local Kohl’s department store- a few minutes after he interviewed for a job there. 

Dominick Breedlove, 24, returned to the store shortly after  his job interview there abnd began to look at a women’s display of Nike shoes. The shoes were not security tagged and that was all Breedlove needed to see. He exited the store and retuned with a shopping bag from a previous trip. 

A loss prevention officer in the store called the Hernando County Sherriff’s office after seeing Breedlove put the sneakers ( a pair of Nike Air Bella TR and a pair of Nike Elite TR) , which had a combined value of $150, into the aforementioned bag and exiting the store. The Officers intercepted and arrested Breedlove on the way to his vehicle. Breedlove told law enforcement he planned on giving the shoes his mother as a gift. 

Breedlove was charged with retail theft and was booked into Hernando County Detention Center, where he is being held on a $500 bond. 

As a last note, Breedlove did not get the job. 

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