Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Internet idiots rob man at gun point then post on IG wearing the shoes

It is these types of stories that are the precise reason that this Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers was created.

In Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, local police are investigating a robbery that centered around two males armed with a firearm that stole two pairs of sneakers.

According to police, the victim indicated he had arranged a meeting at with two men to sell two pairs of Air Jordans for $400 apiece.

At the meeting, as the two buyers was trying on the sneakers, one of the them brandished a handgun and demanded the sneakers. Police say the victim grabbed the gun and that starts a struggle. The victim said that during this struggle, the gun was aimed at him.

After the two thieves fled, the geniuses decided to take to instagram , posting themselves in their ill-gotten kicks.

An image from the Instagram post that allegedly show the thieves wearing the shoes they stole

Individuals who can identify either make in the image are asked to call 911.

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