Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Jersey City sneaker spot victim of smash-and-grab

Police in Jersey City are on the hunt for a group of thieves that robbed a local sneaker store.

According to “The Loop” owner Mars Shehata, the thieves gained access to the store, by using a bolt cuter, or similar tool and then breaking the store windows with tossed rocks.

Surveillance footage depicted the suspected individuals loading an SUV, which was found to be stolen, with various Air Jordan and Yeezy sneakers.

Speaking to ABC7 Eyewitness News(NY), Shehata said, “It’s just really gut-wrenching to get that call. It’s very sad when you’re at home and you get a call about your business being robbed that way.”

Unfortunately for Shehata and The Loop, this has not been the first time they have been touched by criminality. Back in January, the shop was one of several high-end clothing and sneaker retailers that were the victims of a series of burglaries.

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