Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Man charged in robbery gone awry

A Minnesota man is looking a major charges for his role in a planned robbery of a sneaker reseller that resulted in the death of of a 15-year-old-boy.

According to court records, Javeyon Tate, 21, of Minneapolis is being charged with one count of first degree riot resulting in death and first degree aggravated robbrery.

Mr.Tate allegedly drove 15-year-old Santana Jackson and another youth to the area of North 24 and Dupont aves, with the knowledge the two youth were armed and were planning to rob a sneaker seller, according to a criminal complaint.

The reseller/victim told police he agreed to meet with the two boys to sell them a pair of sneaker. When the two youngsters arrived to the predetermined meeting location, they immediately pulled out handguns and pointed them at the the seller, as was stated in the criminal complaint. The robbers then went through the victim’s pockets, helping themselves to his phone and wallet.

One of the boys told the victim that he would kill him if he did not provide his phone’s passcode. When the victim said he was ignorant of the code, one the youths allegedly said, ”F— it, just kill him,” the victim told law enforcement.

As the robbers were ripping the gold chain off the victim’s neck, he pulled out a weapon of his own and shot one of the youths. Immediately after this transpired, an SUV that Tate was behind the wheel of, drove down the alley. The driver got out of the vehicle and picked up a gun that was on the ground and was about to shoot but the seller got in his car and drove off.

Officers who were responding to a report of gunshots, found Jackson’s body lying in the alley. He pronounced dead at the scene. The other youngster who was shot went to North Memorial Health Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Friday Tate was booked into the Hennepin County Jail and is being held on $150,000 bail. His first court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

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