Stupid Things People Over Sneakers: Man Kills Teen for Wearing Red Sneakers

In the latest edition of sneaker-related lunacy, we bring you the case of Dwight Smith. On Wednesday Smith was sentenced to 12 years behind bars ,after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter ,in connection with the killing of 19- year-old Tavin Price. 

Photo of the slain Tavin Prince that was displayed at a June 1, 2015 memorial (

Price had on a red shirt and sneakers and apparently that was such an affront to Price and his cohorts Kevin Johnson and Kanasho Johns- who last month were sentenced respectively 50 years to life and 53 years to life- that he simply had to pay with his life. 

According to prosecutors, Smith, who testified against Johnson and Johns, approached the developmentally disabled teenager and inquired about his gang affiliation due to the red clothing he was wearing. Shortly thereafter, Johns shot Price four times. 

Price was not in a gang.

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