Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Man who stole $50K worth of sneakers arrested

This edition of Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers touches down Seacaucus, New Jersey. The luck finally ran out for a thief who had committed a string of robberies at a local warehouse.

Daqwaun Ralls, 26, is now facing a multitude of burglary, theft and weapons charges in connection with four separate burglaries at the warehouse dating back to October 2018.

According to law enforcement, Ralls pilfered scores of rare sneakers at the warehouse for GOAT, online market place where high-end sneakers are bought and sold.

Secaucus PD had responded to burglaries at the location on October 20, November 19, and January 13, that resulted in the theft of more than 50 pairs of sneakers worth more than $50,000, said police Captain Dennis Miller.

On March 10, officers were once again dispatched to the warehouse for a reported burglary. Upon arrival, they found signs of forced entry to the loading dock doors. It was later discovered the wires for the CCTV and security systems had been cut, according to Captain Miller.

While searching the warehouse, officers found Ralls in a stairwell and he was placed under arrest. Miller said that Ralls had a “large knife” in his hand when police discovered him and then made the odd statement, “The Secaucus police officers demonstrated an adequate use of restraint in the face of this potentially deadly force situation.” 

As SPD was conducting their investigation at the GOAT warehouse, Special Agent Matthew Weithenauer of the Norfolk Southern Police Department located Ralls’ vehicle running nearby. This was matched to the vehicle seen on surveillance footage taken during some of the previous burglaries.

Captain Miller added that evidence collected from previous incidents and blood recovered at the scene on March 10 led to Mr. Ralls’ arrest ( would him being in a building that showed signs being broken into already do that?).

Ralls was also charged with criminal mischief and possession of burglar’s tools was taken to the Hudson County jail.

According to police, Mr. Ralls had been previously employed by GOAT, but they did not specify the timeframe in which he worked for the company.

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